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Are You Numbered?

Numbers 1:1-4

Memory Verse:
“And with you there shall be a man of every tribe, every one head of the house of his fathers” (Numbers 1:4).

God is a God of purpose and order. He is interested in having a personal relationship with every man, every family and every tribe. He often chooses one man to represent families, tribes and nations. God’s judgement on a tribe, family and even a nation most often stems from the sin or
error of one person. For example, Achan took the accursed thing, but the whole nation of Israel suffered the consequences. Later, himself and his entire family were punished for his sin (Joshua 7:1). When Korah, Dathan, and Abiram conspired against Moses, they also suffered the consequences of their actions alongside their families (Numbers 16:31&32).

The whole of mankind belongs to God and He has the authority to the census of mankind, so as to prepare us for the distribution of wealth and responsibilities. In Numbers 1:3, God gave a specific age for those to be numbered who would be able to go to war in Israel. God is intentional; He
knows when, how and where to deploy each person to specific responsibilities. Having been saved, have you thought about the fact that you have been numbered to take up warfare responsibilities for yourself, family, tribe and nation? Is your name listed among those that are standing with the Lord for this end time assignments and battles? Will you stand to prayerfully and adequately represent your tribe? Or are you busy doing other things? May the Lord count you worthy to be among those numbered for His use.

Prayer Points:
1. Lord Jesus, thank You for bringing my family and I out of Egypt.
2. Lord Jesus, help me to maintain my number in Your Kingdom assignment.

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