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Do All To God’s Glory

Acts 12:20-24

Memory Verse:
“Then immediately an angel of the Lord struck him, because he did not give glory to God. And he was eaten by worms and died” (Acts 12:23).

Colosians 3:17 enjoins us to do all things in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God through Him. Herod Agrippa did not fulfil this scripture because when he gave his oration and the people hailed his voice as that of a god and not of a man, he took the glory due to God to himself.

In today’s generation, most of our activities and services are self-centred and
self-glorifying. We need to learn from David, who throughout the account of his duel with Goliath, aimed to show forth the glory of God. When he spoke with the army of Israel, his focus was on the God of Israel, not himself. When
questioned by king Saul, he attributed his victories over the lion and the bear to God. David’s short address to Goliath revealed his desire to lift the name of
God high (1Samuel 17:45–47). In comparison, the effort of the builders of the
Tower of Babel was aimed at self-glory. Consequently, though God underscored the strength in their unity of purpose, He condemned their
motive and terminated the project (Genesis 11:4).

Our services to God and humanity can only be meaningful, if they glorify God.
In order to glorify God, our actions must be God-centred rather than self centred. We cannot do all things to His glory, if we do not link up with the source and have a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. To glorify God in all your doings, take necessary steps to be in intimate relationship with the Lord.

Prayer Points:
1. Father, may I always seek to glorify and honour You in all my undertakings.
2. Lord Jesus, may I never take the glory due to You.

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