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One With God

1 Chronicles 11:1-10
Memory Verse:
“So David went on and became great, for the Lord of hosts was with him” (1 Chronicles 11:9).

Beloved, never forget that you are a child of God and that your status in Christ has placed you in a vantage position in life. Many people who are looking for man’s acceptance have ignored their relationship with God, their Creator, in the way they conduct themselves. Many seek the fame
and applause of men at the expense of God and consequently get defeated in life.
Samuel and, even Jesus, enjoyed the favour of man and that of God when they were physically present on this planet (1 Samuel 2:26;Luke 2:52). You also need to seek God and when He is on your side, you are definitely not going to lose in the battle of life. When God chooses to be with you, you are more than a majority. He keeps you increasingly and continuously on the winning side.
David grew stronger and he was able to overcome all his numerous enemies because God was with him. The prerequisite for winning in life is having God on your side. Do you need strength to carry on your assignment? Then you need God. Are you looking up to God for something you consider very important? You need God. Learn to always consult God, like David. The book of Isaiah also admonishes us to wait on the Lord i.e to trust in Him (Isaiah 40:30-31). When you are with God, your strength will always be renewed and where others are failing, the Lord will make you successful.

Prayer Points:
1. Lord, help me to always trust You no matter what happens to me.
2. Father, I believe You have my interest at heart, grant me an unwavering faith in Your word.

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