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Poor Self- Esteem

Romans 7:14-25
Memory Verse:
“O wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this
body of death? I thank God—through Jesus Christ our Lord! ”(Romans

Son, if I could buy you for how much you value yourself, and sell you for
how much you are worth, I will make a huge profit”, Mr Park declared to Rob who didn’t think much of himself. Rob suffered from poor self-esteem. He always thought he was not good enough. Self-esteem is a sense of one’s worth; respect for, faith or pride in one’s self. While an overly high self-esteem could lead to pride, a poor self-esteem leads to diverse problems. If you don’t think you amount to much spiritually, your head is likely to be bowed and this appears to have been Paul’s feeling about himself at a time, until he realised the graciousness and power of God to us through His son Jesus (Romans 7:24&25).

As believers, there are two natures within us. The old sin nature (which keeps
rearing its head and even tries to take control!) and the new nature. When self
is in charge, it satisfies its natural and unhealthy cravings which are evil. When
the Spirit says do something, and the body is unwilling, a battle ensues (Romans 7:19,23&24). As often as self-wins, guilt and poor self-esteem set in, giving you a feeling of not being able to measure up to God’s standard.

The law of sin can only be defeated by Jesus’ finished work at Calvary and
allowing the new nature through the Holy Spirit to be in charge all the time.
Only the Spirit-controlled life can live in triumph. Let the Holy Spirit lead you.

Prayer Points:
1. O for more grace to allow You a free reign of my life., Lord
2. I give myself to Your control, O Lord

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