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Stop Hurting

John 16:28-33; James 1:2-4

Memory Verse:
“Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of
many kinds” (James 1:2 NIV).

Depression is a state of the mind that seizes a man’s emotions and oppresses his body. It is so bad that it affects everything about his life  his relationships, marriage, work and health. When a man hurts or suffers loss he hurts inside. This bad mental situation is what pushes him into depression and bitterness.

Every depressed person will attribute his depression to an unpleasant experience or problem (Psalm 88:3-9).Problems come to man every now and then. It is the way we handle problems that creates depression. One man’s
attitude to an issue might result in depression whereas someone else goes  through the same experience and does not go into depression. Rather the person’s life is turned around and becomes successful.

Every pain is a direct product of the meditations of the mind of man. Pain exists because of the myriads of thoughts that run through our minds. Therefore, a man can reduce the hurt he feels or eliminate it completely by changing the
thoughts he allows to take hold of his mind, irrespective of the loss he has suffered (Psalm 86:1-3). Whatever the reason for your depression, it is very important that you remember that your past is over. Your past is history, but you have today and tomorrow. You can make the most of your today and tomorrow through faith in Jesus Christ. Stay joyful and do not submit to the negative situation. David, the king of Israel, triumphed in spite of the downturns he experienced in life (Psalm 89:1). Fix your eyes and mind on Jesus.

Prayer Points:
1. Father, strengthen my faith and grant me the grace to reject depression.
2. Lord, fill my heart with joy every day.

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