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You Should Have Listened 2!

2 Chronicles 18:23-34

Memory Verse:
“…Thus says the king: ‘Put this fellow in prison, and feed him with bread of affliction and water of affliction, until I return in peace'” (2 Chronicles 18:26).

King Ahab wanted to go to battle against Ramoth-gilead and King Jehoshaphat who had aligned himself with him, advised him to look for a man of God from whom they could inquire of the LORD. King Ahab told Jehoshaphat of Prophet Micaiah, but also added the fact that he did not like the man because he never prophesied good concerning him. True to it, Micaiah came and warned the kings not to go into that battle, but he was ridiculed and thrown into prison (2 Chronicles 18).
Do you often ridicule your leaders in the church? Do you keep secrets until it becomes too late? Your pastor will overlook your impudence and give you quality and godly advice. He will pray with you and continue to pray for you.
Do not ignore his godly counsel and get into trouble and turn around to accuse
him of failure. Spiritual leadership derives authority from God. Spiritual leaders speak the
mind of God concerning your situation, often in a language that may not agree with worldly expert advice, but they are godly counsel nonetheless. They also do not necessarily need to have requisite experience in any particular field to be able to proffer a solution, especially where expert advice is of little help. If King Ahab had listened to Prophet Micaiah, he probably would not have suffered what happened to him in the battle that took his life. Listen to your pastor/spiritual leader, God has given him the tongue of the learned to speak a word in season to them that are weary (Isaiah 50:4).

Prayer Points:
1. O Lord, grant me the humility to listen to wise counsel when I need to make a decision.
2. O Lord, may I not despise those you have placed over me as leaders.

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